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Psychothematic Media was founded in 2016 by Danny Sanchez with the aim of creating a variety of fun and interesting low-budget independent content to inspire and motivate others to bring their own projects to life. Psychothematic Media believes imaginative ideas have the potential to provide entertainment and inspiration when developed with passion. A lack of experience or individual ability should not discourage one from letting their creativity flourish.

We want to empower the creative inside of you.


Danny Sanchez - Founder of Psychothematic Media


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Danny Sanchez a.k.a Daniel Frankenstein, is a writer & producer born and raised in Bronx, New York. His passions are comic books, movies, and TV. 80's pop culture media influenced much of his childhood.


He started his entertainment career in 1999 in the Independent Pro Wrestling circuit as an in-ring performer and later a content producer.

He has worked with the popular comic book podcast "Pete's Basement" as a recurring on-air personality, panelist, and live event correspondent.

Danny has also worked with Troma Entertainment. In his short time at Troma under the tutelage of Lloyd Kaufman, Danny produced & directed several vignettes for their social media, as well several commercials for the Troma streaming service "Troma Now".

Danny is a creator & storyteller who loves the craft of filmmaking and the power it possesses to impact people & society.