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Two Mobile Photo Editing Apps We Love

You don't need to be a professional artist, purchase pricey software, or hire a designer to make digital graphics for your startup projects. You can make high quality images for your website, social media, and merchandise with no budget and no computer!

Many promotional material for Psychothematic Media, and Fauna as pictured here, were made with free mobile apps and you can do the same.

One favorite is PicsArt Photo Studio, a free photo editor app with a robust amount of creative features to make amazing digital artwork on your smart phone or tablet.

It's beginner friendly, easy to use, and has a good amount of effects, filters and creative tools to make outstanding digital artwork.

Also included, is a basic video editor complete with filters and effects to create fun, simple clips. An upgrade to PicsArt premium is also available which unlocks more creative tools and options.

See More and Download at PicsArt Official Site

Another app we used extensively, is Background Eraser; a simple photo eraser app.

It's straightforward and only does one thing, but does it extremely well with the tools and features available.

While simple, it is a great companion to other creative apps, (such as PicsArt), which really allows you to achieve professional results for Free for Android users and only .99 cents for Apple devices.

Download Background Eraser on Android or Apple


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