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January 05, 2018

Written by: Daniel Frankenstein

The Hollywood Industry has taken a major hit in reaction to the Harvey Weinstein scandal. By now we’ve all read or heard the testimonies of many celebrities coming forward with their personal experience with Weinstein or other sexually nefarious members of the Hollywood Industry. So are your dreams of being in the film industry shattered?

Ever since the scandal was exposed it seems to add names onto The V.I.P. (Violators In Power) List on a daily basis. In a classic strategy taught at The University of Douchebaggery, many celebrity V.I.P’s have come out to throw their fellow alma mater under the creepy van. This tactic is learned in “Faux Halo 101”, and all proud graduates utilized their education, but the resulting outcome was not what the V.I.P’s expected. Instead of baking up some brownie points they had to eat their feet with a side of crow. More individuals have come forward to expose these members of the Fraternity of Vaginal Villainy. With each new story it becomes increasingly clear that the majority of the Hollywood Industry have graduated from Douche-U. So what is an aspiring actor or filmmaker to do?

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